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What is a Liberal?

What makes a “conservative” or a “liberal?” I haven't a clue. What I do know is that each one trusts government to solve problems — what differs is which problems they thing government should solve. While I believe government should never give tax breaks to entice a business to relocate, someone else might believe in using eminent domain to replace homes with Wal-Mart Super Centers. While I might think government should conduct scientific research, someone else might claim private industry is better suited for everything. (DARPA’s little network being what we are using to exchange e-mail makes my point. And if you think industry solves everything, look at how long HDTV is taking to appear in the U.S.)
Our perceptions of power and how it should be used are what is interesting. What we think is a “moral” role for government varies so much that no matter who or what is in power, half the society will be disappointed and even offended.