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Leaders on Corporate Taxes: Misleading or Misinformed

Though I don't assume Sen. Bernie Sanders will be the Democratic Party nominee for president, I do assume the next president will respond to populist outrage against corporations (especially those in the financial sector). As a result of this populism on the left and right (Tea Party and Occupy having the same vitriol for Crony Capitalism), there is little hope for meaningful corporate tax reform.

Ignorance (or feigned ignorance) on issues of economics seems to underpin the campaigns of all four leading candidates as we enter the "home stretch" of primaries. From Donald Trump swearing to raise taxes to 30 percent on companies that leave the United States to Bernie Sanders claiming that we must shift the tax burden (income taxes are already progressive, the "burden" tends to be sales and other local or state taxes that do penalize the poor, not income tax).

The United States needs tax reform, of both the personal (household) income tax system and the corpora…