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Rich or Smart... Knowledge, Skills Matter

Being "smart" (or at least hard-working with the opportunity to learn) matters, regardless of the economic class into which you are born. As even the most progressive, class-conscious scholars have found, a college education (in the STEM fields, ideally) at a good school corresponds well to later economic success. 
A year ago, The Atlantic featured this story: Would You Rather Be Born Smart or Rich? WEISSMANN
DEC 2 2013, 12:17 PM ET
A recent Brookings paper gives reasons for optimism. Over the long term, it finds, smart kids earn more than rich kids. But sadly, there's a big catch.
The Brookings paper looked at the relationship between brains, motivation, and economic mobility among a group of youth the government began tracking in 1979. Here's the executive summary: If they were bright and driven, poor kids stood a decent chance of becoming upper-middle-class, or…

Washington Post... The Middle Class

Middle-class families have found themselves stagnating for the last two decades (at least). The Washington Post has published an outstanding series on the issues affecting the middle-class. The stories are long and well researched.

ABOUT THIS SERIES: The American middle class is floundering, and it has been for decades. The Post examines the mystery of what's gone wrong and shows what the country must focus on to get the economy working for everyone again.

Chapter 1: Why America's middle class is lost 2: The devalued American worker 3: The college trap that keeps people poor 4: A black hole for our best and brightest…