Student Groups

I realize there might be good reasons for universities to host "student government" organizations. I'm sure there was a time when these groups dealt with serious issues, especially if they questioned wasteful spending and demanded quality professors, facilities, et cetera. However, we now have student organizations galore, many of which have no academic value and others that merely serve to segregate students.

At my ideal university, absolutely no student funds (tuition or "fees") would be used for any organization with a religious affiliation. None. If these organizations want to form, on their own, and do their own fundraising, fine. They can also pay "facilities fees" for meetings on campus that might require staff (moving chairs, emptying trash after, and such things all require labor and cost money). We don't need (and I don't really want) Catholic, Lutheran, Evangelic, Jewish, or Muslim organizations receiving any support from public or secular universities.

Granted, a private school can do what it wants... as long as "fees" aren't from taxpayer supported grants. Of course, how many institutions, even private, aren't really on the public dole for tuition or federal research grants? I can't think of one secular institution without its hand in Uncle Sam's pocket. Therefore, I don't want my money supporting any religious groups. None.

Then we have the segregated groups... reminders that (some) people seek out their own kind ("uhg!") and that seems like a form of racism to me. My own kind? How about every other student, assuming all are human? We already have a proliferation of useless "Studies" that really belong together in a single "Social Studies" or "History" style department. (Not to mention, most of these degrees only serve to produce professors and other activists.) Instead of a Black Student Union, Asian Student Association, et cetera, we should migrate towards "cultural appreciation" organizations that downplay differences and encourage participation by all.

I'm simply tired of more and more "fees" going to things that do not improve my education or that of anyone else.

The "Kinky U." organization getting campus funds was something of a breaking point for me. Dedicated to teaching "safe" forms of "alternative" sexuality (S&M, included), this group receives student funds. This goes way beyond what the student health clinic does to educate students.

I wonder what the Islamic and Evangelical organizations think of "Kinky U." getting their money?
That's why we need fewer organizations of any kind getting student monies. Let's get back to educational concerns.


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