"Socialism" Not So Negative, "Capitalism" Not So Positive - Pew Research Center

"Socialism" Not So Negative, "Capitalism" Not So Positive - Pew Research Center: "A large majority of Republicans (77%) react negatively to 'socialism,' while 62% have a positive reaction to 'capitalism.' Democrats' impressions are more divided: In fact, about as many Democrats react positively to 'socialism' (44%) as to 'capitalism' (47%)."
Well, doesn't that explain a lot about current U.S. political divides? The same party that gets upset that some Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents describe our current Washington leaders (often of both parties) as trending toward socialism happens to have a fair number of members supportive of socialism. Yes, how dare you imply Democratic politicians are socialists -- but 44% of Democrats surveyed like socialism. Perfectly logical, right?

We also find the typical generational divide, made worse because today's youth doesn't recall the Soviet Union, the Eastern Bloc nations, or the rise of China. Today, the horrors of various "Communist Party" systems are fading memories. Yes, I know, "Communist Party" is not a synonym for "socialist" but the historical distance of the Cultural Revolution or the various Soviet Purges allow youth to idealize socialism. What could possibly go wrong with socialism?
Young people are more positive about "socialism" -- and more negative about "capitalism" -- than are older Americans. Among those younger than age 30, identical percentages react positively to "socialism" and "capitalism" (43% each), while about half react negatively to each. Among older age groups, majorities view "socialism" negatively and "capitalism" positively.


  1. The ignorance of people is truly astonishing. They don't understand "freedom." They think "the rich" and "corporations" are taking away their freedoms. Economic freedom and how important it is to maintain freedom from government are astonishingly foreign concepts to far, far too many people. Especially young people.


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