Not Dead… Moving Again

For those wondering, we have not stopped blogging and nothing horrible has happened to either me or my wife.

We're not dead… we're moving again.

Unlike last summer, when we moved from one state to another, this time we are moving about two miles from our temporary residence to a new home in the same little Pennsylvania township.

The move will give us plenty of material for our blogs. Moving is stressful and chaotic. Moving raises economic issues, especially in this housing market. Moving means shifting our beloved books again. Most of all, it cuts into our creative "me/us" time necessary to recharging and regrouping.

There will be new blog posts. This has been a hectic few years.

Of course, we're moving right as my students have finals, my wife has to take a business trip, and a cat is having health issues. The long list of things happening in our lives merely reminds us how overwhelmed we are until the end of May or June. Beyond May we will be renovating our current house to make it a nice place for another family.

So, blogging is a bit down our list at the moment, at least until we're slightly more settled in the new house. I'll do what I can to get some thoughts posted weekly, but please be patient.


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