Confused Commentators

Today, I watched yet another MSNBC commentator asking libertarian scholars and a Republican party hack where their plans for national health care were.

Here's a clue, MSNBC: conservatives and libertarians both are suspect of federal power and effectiveness. By definition a libertarian isn't going to have a "national" plan with any central authority. To keep asking the question, badgering guests, demonstrates a special kind of ignorance. This line of questioning assumes a center-left alignment in the two major parties that does not exist.

Admittedly, the GOP under Bush expanded the federal government and control. You can find plenty of libertarians disgusted by the GOP expansion of federal authority: No Child Left Behind, Dept. of Homeland Security, Medicare Part D, and on and on. The GOP gave in to typical Washington intoxication.

But, a principled libertarian would not have a national health care plan. Libertarians might offer a plan to allow states to experiment, but there would be no federal plan.

Constantly, MSNBC reveals itself the network of ignorance.


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