Racism: A Label to Silence Opponents

Democrats think it is a winning strategy to label every opponent as racist, sexist, homophobe. This is a serious mistake, but it is being repeated again and again in editorial pages across the United States. It's easy. Blame opposition to this president and the congress on anything other than their policies. When you scream Racist! you force opponents to either respond or waste time distancing themselves from true nutcases.

In some ways, it is brilliant politics. It is a no-lose slogan in the short-run of most political seasons. However, this is a long-term situation and eventually the cries of racism will lose effect.

The Democrats will continue to lose the independent voters, especially business owners. CNN/Money reports that a $14/hr employee costs $20/hr and that will continue to rise. Being afraid of going broke isn't racist. Small business is getting hammered. We oppose policies, not a person. At some point, the Dems will have chased away the middle class.

The other truth that is ignored is that the Democrats don't really have a great history of working for minorities. That's a recent history and one twisted and manipulated to serve the current narrative. The reality is more complex and nuanced than the Democratic Party wants people to recall.

Eventually, the libertarians within the Republican party will force a shift in the GOP. The Democrats will also shift. Parties change and even swap roles throughout history. Anyone certain of the moral purity of either party is a fool and ignorant of history.

The columnists and activists using "racism" to silence opposition may be convincing some, for the moment, but long-term they are only demonstrating they don't have economic arguments on their side. Moral arguments, maybe, but I don't see many policies being enacted that will actually improve the long-term financial situation of this nation.

It doesn't make me, or anyone else, a racist to say the policies of this administration might, and probably will, increase the debt, drive up interest rates, and weaken the nation.

Argue those points -- without calling all opponents to the president racists.


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