Advice on how to talk to the white working class.

English: Number of self-identified Democrats v...
English: Number of self-identified Democrats vs. self-identified Republicans, per state, according to Gallup, January-June 2010 18 point Democratic advantage 10-17 point Democratic advantage 3-9 point Democratic advantage 2 point Democratic advantage through 2 point Republican advantage 3-9 point Republican advantage 10-17 point Republican advantage 18+ point Republican advantage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Best interview I've read on the Trump voters. Period. And the Slate reporter? Total jerk. Cannot stand the tone of the questions. I resent the tone. It is precisely why I am not and will never be a Democrat. The insulting, condescending, Thomas Frank "you're all idiots back home" rhetoric pushes me away from the "elites."

The reporter? I dislike him more and more as the interview transcript progresses. A self-absorbed, self-righteous intellectual moron.

I dislike Trump. A lot. Dislike so much about him... and yet I dislike so many of the elites I meet in academia even more. Much more. Because they judge me as they judge my friends and family for not being college-educated urban cosmopolitans.

Example: I was recently insulted (outright insulted) for saying I do not like cities. I prefer isolation and quiet. It's not a rejection of anyone, it's a need for quiet.

"You'll never get ahead if you don't learn to love cities. Only hicks love the country."

Then let me be a hick.

Advice on how to talk to the white working class.


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