Paris: Not a Treaty… and That's a Mistake

US-EPA-Seal-EO11628 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
President Trump's potential unilateral withdrawal from the Paris Accord on Climate should remind all politically engaged Americans that there is a risk when presidents ignore process. Executive orders and executive action can be undone.

Had the Paris Accord on Climate been ratified as a treaty, by the Senate, no president could then withdraw unilaterally. The Accord was, unfortunately, not entered into with Senate ratification.

The lesson here: executive-only actions are a bad idea. But, Congress is worthless, too.

Our government is broken. Badly. In case anyone was wondering.

People cheer when "their president" does things without Congress. The problem with executive actions is that they are undone just as easily.

We also shouldn't enter into armed conflict without Congressional approval. But, why bother with details of the Constitutional process?


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